FREE: Children and Youth Workshop

The annual CSFF youth workshop returns offering kids aged 8-12 the chance to watch youth-focused sport films, make their own stop-animation films, and get active.


2015 Winnipeg CSFF

The 2015 Winnipeg CSFF wrapped up with another outdoor screening on the “snowscreen,” following a wonderful night of feature screenings, presented by RBC and highlighted by the participation of Canadian Olympic gold medallist, Jill Officer.


Upcoming Dates

June 5-7, 2015  |  7th annual CSFF (Toronto)
Presented by Toronto Pearson International Airport
Sept/Oct 2015  |  Submissions open for CSFF 2016
February 2016  |   CSFF Winnipeg


Tickets can also be purchased from the
TIFF box office




RIP Yogi Berra. A great athlete and a great personality.…

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