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2021 CSFF Virtual Short Film Series

NOVEMBER 3rd to 30th, 2021

2nd Annual Short Film Series

CSFF is pleased to announce the second annual Virtual Short Film Series.
Beginning November 3, CSFF will be sharing access to one short film every Wednesday during the month of November.

November 3rd to 9th


Two friends, one race and a lifetime of memories. Dive into this film and see how two lifelong competitors stay young at heart!

2010, Fiction, Austrailia
5 mins, Director Owen Trevor

Film available November 3rd to 9th.

November 10th to 16th


Once a week, Mama Agatha, a fixture in Amsterdam’s Ghanaian community, teaches a group of immigrant women how to ride a bike. Her students gain not only a new skill and mode of transportation, but also increased independence, lasting friendships and community.

2015, Documentary, Netherlands
16 mins, Director Fadi Hindash

Film available November 10th to 16th.

November 17th to 23rd

The Language of Ball

Ahmed, a teenager from Yemen, meets Justin on a basketball court. Their journey through New York’s neighbourhoods and cultures is a tale of hope, compassion, and chance meetings. Their mutual love of basketball helps bridge language barriers and create new friendships.

2017, Fiction, United States
9 mins, Director Ramón Rodriguez

Film available November 17th to 23rd.

November 24th to 30th

Ride for Promise

A young man embarks on a nation-wide adventure – cycling from Vancouver to Halifax – challenging Canadians about their perceptions of racialized youth living in marginalized communities.

2018, Documentary, Canada
23 mins, Director Sherien Barsoum

Film available November 24th to 30th.