Fri, Feb 8, 7pm: Short Films on Hockey (FREE outdoor screening)

Friday, February 8, 2013, 7pm, The Forks
FREE Outdoor Screening

Champion City: The 1896 Winnipeg Victorias (2012)
Docudrama / Canada / 25 min
Director: Andrew Wall

In 1896, the Winnipeg Victorias hockey club challenged the Montreal Victorias for a relatively obscure trophy and changed Canada’s game forever. Told through dramatic reenactments and interviews with historian Dr. Morris Mott (Brandon University) and Hockey Hall of Fame VP and Curator Phil Pritchard, Champion City retells the story of Winnipeg’s Stanley Cup champion.

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The Contest (2007)
Manitoba premiere
Narrative / Canada / 14 min
Director: Naoko Kumagi

It’s 1975 and Yuko, a 25-year-old Japanese immigrant, is trapped in an empty, stilted marriage; she can’t speak the language well; and she lives much of her day in isolation. Her stagnant life is shaken up when a group of boys playing street hockey present her with the hockey card of Montreal Canadiens’ star winger, Guy Lafleur. Yuko learns of a contest at a local store – whose manager worships Lafleur – where the winner gets to meet the hockey star. Determined to win the contest, Yuko gets a job at the store and begins a journey to find her way to Lafleur, and ultimately, herself.

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Guy and Me (2012)
Manitoba premiere
Documentary / Canada / 9 min
Director: Lenny Epstein

Guy Lafleur is a hockey god. Tully is a regular guy with a dream – to play hockey against Guy. Join Tully as he travels to a small community arena in Eganville, Ontario, where he tries to talk his way into a game against the Montreal Canadiens’ old timers, including his childhood hero, “The Flower” himself

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Hockeyheart (2011)
Manitoba premiere
Documentary/ Canada / 9 min
Director: Kim Faires

Kim Faires retraces her own personal path from a childhood dream of playing ice hockey to its everyday reality in this heartfelt story about making your passion work in the real world – and discovering along the way that sometimes the real thing is better than you imagined.

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Night Work: A Sawchuk Poem (2008)
Narrative / Canada / 5 min
Director: Justin Simms

A fanciful look at one man’s brush with fame, recalling a goal scored on East Kildonan’s Terry Sawchuk. Based on the poetry of Randall Maggs.

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