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CSFF Virtual
Short Film Series 2

Canadian Sport film Festival

CSFF Virtual Short Film Series 2

Our second CSFF Virtual Short Film Series featured free access to one short film each week during the month of November 2021. 

November 3-9, 2021

Two Laps

Two friends, one race and a lifetime of memories. Dive into this film and see how two lifelong competitors stay young at heart.

2010, Fiction, Australia
5 minutes

Director: Owen Trevor

Women walk around a gym with their bicycles

November 10-16, 2021

Mama Agatha

Once a week, Mama Agatha, a fixture in Amsterdam’s Ghanaian community, teaches a group of immigrant women how to ride a bike. Her students gain not only a new skill and mode of transportation, but also increased independence, lasting friendships and community.

2015, Documentary, Netherlands
16 minutes 

Director: Fadi Hindash

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November 17-23, 2021

The Language of Ball

Ahmed, a teenager from Yemen, meets Justin on a basketball court. Their journey through New York’s neighbourhoods and cultures is a tale of hope, compassion, and chance meetings. Their mutual love of basketball helps bridge language barriers and create new friendships.

2017, Fiction, United States
9 minutes 

Director: Ramón Rodriguez

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November 24-30, 2021

Ride for Promise

A young man embarks on a nation-wide adventure – cycling from Vancouver to Halifax – challenging Canadians about their perceptions of racialized youth living in marginalized communities.

2018, Documentary, Canada
23 minutes 

Director: Sherien Barsoum

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