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CSFF 2023 Digital

November 17 - 23, 2023
digital TIFF Bell Lightbox

CSFF 2023 - Digital Screening 3

0.5 Meters
+ The Winner - Digital

Poster for '0.5 Meters' the feature documentary by director Gonzalo Suárez Garayo #CSFF23

Digital Screening 3

0.5 Meters

(A Cero.5)

Canadian Premiere

available online November 17 – 23
via digital TIFF Bell Lightbox

Gonzalo, a film director, is paralyzed following a car accident. He borrows a video camera and starts filming everything that happens to him as a form of self-therapy. 

Gonzalo joins Spain’s famous wheelchair basketball team Amfiv and turns the camera on his teammates, telling their stories and also chronicling his own journey from his perspective at 0.5 meters from the ground.

2021, Spain, Documentary

78 minutes

Director: Gonzalo Suárez Garayo

Spanish, with English subtitles

0.5 METERS trailer →

yaq distribución

Image from '0.5 Meters' feature documentary by director Gonzalo Suárez Garayo #CSFF23
The Winner film poster - boys riding bikes in Iran

Screening with

The Winner

Vahid’s new bike, which his dad bought for him so he could compete in a race, seems to resemble another boy’s bike that was recently stolen.

2022, Iran, Drama

14 minutes

Director: Ali Keyvan

Persian, with English subtitles

THE WINNER trailer

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0.5 Meters - #CSFF23 feature doc

The Winner - #CSFF23 Short drama
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