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CSFF Virtual Shorts 4

Canadian Sport film Festival

CSFF Virtual Shorts 4

CSFF offers free access to a different short film each week in April as part of our annual CSFF Virtual Shorts film series.

These four short films received an Honorable Mention from the programming team for our 2023 festival

We were pleased to share them with you in April 2024 for the 4th edition of #CSFFVirtualShorts:

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Spin Over

April 1-7, 2024

Spin Over

Hina is a frazzled suburban mom with a passion for cricket who is scrambling to get to team tryouts on time. Will she make it?

2022, Fiction Short, Canada
9 minutes

Director: Shazia Javed, Life Sketch Media

Watch the trailer for Spin Over

#CSFFvirtualshorts  #CanFilmDay

Shazia Javed is an Indian-Canadian filmmaker. Her feature documentary 3 SECONDS DIVORCE streamed worldwide on Netflix, won the Reelworld Audience Choice Award, and was invited for impact screenings across the globe. Her work has screened at prestigious film festivals such as Hot Docs, DOXA, Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF) and Durban International, among others. Shazia is an alumna of the Banff Spark Accelerator for Women in the Business of Media, Reelworld E20, Women in the Director’s Chair, BIPOC Film & TV Showrunner’s Bootcamp, and the DOC Breakthrough program, where she won the pitch prize sponsored by Rogers Media and CBC.

Letting Go

Image from the Canadian short doc LETTING GO about women learning to skydive to overcome anxiety, depression and loss. Director: Eiko Jones

“Once I saw the profound impact skydiving was having on my daughter, and how important the relationship with the other girls became in the endeavor, I really felt compelled to tell this amazing story. It inspired me to start learning this strange and exciting sport. I am uniquely positioned not only to witness the progress and film it, but to experience it myself first hand, and bring it to life in the form of this emotional film.” – director Eiko Jones

April 8-14, 2024

Letting Go

Three young women share how learning to skydive helped them overcome anxiety, depression and personal loss. Follow the fear-filled first jumps, to the thrills of freefall, on the emotional ride of their lives.

2023, Documentary Short, Canada
28 minutes

Director: Eiko Jones

Watch the trailer for Letting Go

#CSFFvirtualshorts  #CanFilmDay

Eiko Jones has been a filmmaker for several years, mostly shooting natural history stories and working as a cinematographer for the BBC and National Geographic. He has produced two independent documentaries, one of which won several awards at film festivals. He recently became interested in telling the human story. Eiko wanted to do a film about mental health after his teenage daughter Corina faced struggles in her life and he felt powerless to help her. When she started skydiving, he began to chronicle the journey with his camera.


2 images from short film REGULAR: Reggie at left in basketball gear, daughter at right. CSFF Virtual Shorts April 2024

April 15-21, 2024


Time is running out for Reggie, a 37-year-old single father, who still dreams of making it to the NBA. When he is invited to try out for the G League, that dream collides with those of his once biggest fan – his daughter.

2023, Fiction Short, Canada
14 minutes

Director: Lucius Dechausay

Watch the trailer for Regular

#CSFFvirtualshorts  #CanFilmDay

Lucius Dechausay is a multiple CSA-nominated, award-winning director, producer and editor based in Toronto. His short films have screened at festivals around the world, including the Barcelona  Sports Film Festival. Through his work, Lucius aims to share diverse stories in an empowering and urgent way. He co-directed THE DEATH DOULA with Amanda Parris, which won best short film at the Caribbean Tales Film Festival. His documentary KETTLE, premiered at Hot Docs 2016 and was listed as one of the top five festival films to see that year. He won a 2022 Canadian Screen Award (CSA) for Best Digital Series for his work producing 21 BLACK FUTURES, which won four out of its five award categories. In 2023, Lucius wrote, directed, edited and produced the short film REGULAR.

Growling Foxes and Crooked Roads

image of the cyclist Jan from Growling Foxes and Crooked Roads short doc CSFF virtual shots 2024

April 22-28, 2024

Growling Foxes and Crooked Roads

Jan has his mind set on riding his racing bike from Bern, Switzerland to South Tyrol, Italy in one day. The 390 km should be doable, but it doesn’t take into account the five mountain passes along the way.
The story of a man who rediscovers his childhood passion for road cycling, while questioning the sense and nonsense of his journey.

2022, Documentary Short, Switzerland
25 minutes 
English and Swiss German (with English sub-titles)

Director: Steve Rémy Walker, Parasol Films

Watch the trailer for Growling Foxes and Crooked Roads