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Film of the Month

Canadian Sport Film Festival

Film of the Month

CSFF is pleased to feature a Film of the Month series.

Each month we showcase a different short film from around the world on the theme of sport. 

Our CSFF Film of the Month for March is Just Breathe.

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Female water polo player - image for Just Breathe a short doc

March 2023

Just Breathe

A competitive water polo player overcomes anxiety and assault to realize her dreams as a college athlete and leader.

2015, Documentary, USA
8 minutes, Director: Ben Steinbauer


Films of the Month

December 2022

Poster for the film Gnarly in Pink with 3 6-year old girls in helmets with skateboards

Gnarly in Pink

Celebrating the “Pink Helmet Posse”, three feisty 6-year-old girls who prove that skateboarding is not just for boys.

2014, Documentary, USA, 9 minutes

Directors: Kristelle Laroche and Ben Mullinkosson

November 2022

Boy defends football goal as a ball comes towards him

My Greatest Day Ever

On the morning of the football grand final Scotty’s lucky sock is nowhere to be found. Scotty must battle his superstition to try to save the big game.

2007, Fiction, Australia, 9 minutes

Director: Mark Bellamy

October 2022

Image: Close up of a ballet dancer’s legs standing wide with her toes on pointe. Film title below image: The Perfect Fit

The Perfect Fit

Dedicated craftsmen masterfully create perfect footwear for the graceful and demanding athletic artistry of ballet.

2011, Documentary, UK, 9 minutes

Director: Tali Yankelevich

September 2022

A Black boy in a yellow shirt rests a baseball bat over his shoulder. Film title above image: Baseball in the Time of Cholera

Baseball in the Time of Cholera

A young baseball player dreams of the big leagues amid the tragedy and scandal of Haiti’s cholera epidemic.

2012, Documentary, Haiti, 28 minutes

Directors: David Darg and Bryn Mooser (RYOT Films)

August 2022

The torso of a female synchronized swimmer below the waterline. Film title above: Waterbabies


Discover the strength, grace and artistry of synchronized swimming through the eyes of a teenage team.

2015, Documentary, USA – UK, 15 minutes

Director: Nora Ballard

July 2022

Fast Horse

Capturing the thrill of “North America’s original extreme sport”: Blackfoot bareback horse racing Indian Relay.

2018, Documentary, Canada, 14 minutes

Director: Alexandra Lazarowich