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CSFF Virtual Shorts 3

Canadian Sport film Festival

CSFF Virtual Shorts 3

Our third CSFF Virtual Shorts film series featured these four short films in April 2023:

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The 4 films in the 2023 CSFF Virtual Short Film Series: Top left: 'Bleach'. Top right: 'Undeniably Young'. Bottom left: 'She Carries On'. Bottom right: 'Sensei'. #CSFFvirtualshorts


Close-up of two brothers with their arms around each other - both with wet hair at the pool. Square image from the fiction short film ‘Bleach’ by Canadian director Mattias Graham.

April 3-9, 2023

Damien, a teenage competitive swimmer, lashes out at his swim coach and bonds with his younger brother while trying to process a painful secret.

2021, Fiction, Canada
15 minutes

Director: Mattias Graham

Distributor: Travelling Distribution

Undeniably Young

'Undeniably Young' short doc poster. Drawing of Canadian athlete Nora Young (wearing a cycling helmet) over a photo of the wall of sports crests she won for athletics in the 1930s.

April 10-16, 2023

It’s 1936 and 19-year-old Nora Young is a multi-sport champion, brimming with trophies, talent and an indomitable zest for life. She soon becomes one of the few female cyclists to compete in the world of men’s Six-Day bike racing.

2021, Animated Documentary, Canada
16 minutes

Director: Julia Morgan

Learn more about Undeniably Young and watch the trailer.

She Carries On

Women from the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians took the field in 2000 to play the traditional game of stickball. Image from the short doc SHE CARRIES ON by director Natalie Welch.
Close-up of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians logo on shorts and a stickball stick. Image from the short doc She Carries On.

April 17-23, 2023

Nestled in the Great Smoky Mountains of Western North Carolina is a tight-knit community of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, still practicing one of their cultural traditions: the game of stickball. In 2000, nearly 100 women from the community took the field to play, showing the matriarchal spirit the Cherokee are known for. This film tells the story of these women, how and why they play stickball, and what the game means to them, their families, and the future of the Cherokee people.

2020, Documentary, United States
17 minutes

Producer: Natalie Welch


Poster for the short doc ‘Sensei’ next to photo of two women standing back to back. Natalie Olson, the first Canadian with Down syndrome to earn a black belt in karate, and her coach and sensei Heather Fidyk.

April 24-30, 2023

Natalie Olson is the first Canadian with Down syndrome to achieve a black belt in karate. With coach and lifelong friend, Sensei Heather Fidyk, Natalie blazes a trail for Canadian para athletes to compete on the international stage.

2021, Documentary, Canada
22 minutes

Director: Jill Roberts

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